The Trip

April 2017 – May 2017

 kiwi map, world map,upside down map, new zealand

I decided to change the chronology and show this trip, though I still have a lot of brightest photos and a lot of interesting stories for my blog. This is not just a trip, these are two countries with the highest rating in the list of desires and dreams – one that everyone knows and many dreams, the second, insanely cool, interesting and almost unknown to anyone.

New Zealand and Vanuatu.

That’s how they see the world on the other side of the earth.
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Part 2. Windy spring Denmark.

February 2015

корабли в гавани,Ebeltoft,Denmark

All over the country you can feel breathes peace and tranquility, despite the strong wind) Viking Burial, deserted streets and ports …

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Part 1. Windy spring in Denmark.

March 2015

 птицы,закат, океан, пляж,Vorupør,Denmark

This time we toured the continental part of Denmark. There had only 3 full days and rainy weather. Such early spring unusual enough time to visit Scandinavia.

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Alpaca-therapy and walking with the lamas

October 2016

постриженные альпаки,alpaca,farm, krakow,poland

You are sad, you are tired from work, you do not have enough tenderness – you just need Alpaca-therapy!
Quite unexpected and unusual place is on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland – Coniraya. This is an unusual farm-stables, where the horses live apart with lamas and alpacas. Here you can ride horses, walk the lamas and cuddle with alpacas) It’s hard to convey that amazing feeling when you go with the lama on a leash) Sometimes Lama obediently goes for you, sometimes noisy breathing in the back of your head, sometimes finds some grass or bush, and then it is difficult to budge. And alpacas …))) This is the most mimimi animals – every touch to this white soft creatures causes indescribable children’s delight and the sea of ​​tenderness)

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Some more places in Czech Republick.

February 2015

зимний замок,Loket Castle,CzechRepublic

It was in winter, but we still wanted to travel) Decided to visit some not visited during previouse trip points)

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Ura & Lena – Munich wedding.

April 2015

весенняя свадьба,weddingphotography,wedding,Munich,Germany

In the spring was a photographer in insanely cute wedding of Lena and Yura. For me this was the first wedding in Germany. It was very exciting and interesting. The weather this spring was not very good – at one moment the sun was shining directly into the eye, next one the unreal wind цas blowing and Jura every minute was stroving to wrap Lena in a shawl. Thank you so much guys for a lot of positive emotions!

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Morning in Riva del Garda

фотограф в мюнхене,photosession,рассвет,photographer,Riva del Garda, Italy, фотограф в германии

Madly in love with northern Italy. Here is very colorfully combines Italian style and the echoes of the German accuracy. Stunning mountains around the lake. And of course the great Italian sunrises)

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фотограф в мюнхене,photosession,botanical garden,photographer,munich,germany

Spring in Munich was insanely beautiful . For this shooting I specifically chose the botanical garden – there just blossomed Mangole. I really like this huge pink flowers) and Anastasia gave me a lot of inspiration and new ideas)

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Part 11. Stoсkholm.

December 2014 – January 2015


Stockholm was just оn the way from the north home. We only visited to the museum of Vasa – the world’s only surviving sailing ship from early XVII century. After the snow of the north the local snow with rain was not so good(

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Part 10. Aurora.

December 2014 – January 2015

зеленое небо,northern lights,aurora,tornetrask,abisko,sweden,scandinavia

Northern Lights – one of the most vivid impressions of the trip. These bright bands move, appear, flow down and bend, some new appears and also gradually disappear.

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