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  1. Peter Fahrenbach says:

    Hallo Alena,

    all the best and love to your 30 birthday.

    I’m a big fan of your photos and your trip reports.
    Even your photo session has become better and better.
    The photo-technical beginning of your work with your full frame Canon EOS6 can be easily read on your work.
    Your photos are technically and creatively just great.
    Good luck and have fun in the future.

    A big fan of yours – Peter

  2. Jaro Bosik says:

    I’ve been looking for pictures of Ukraine and I found your website. Very good work. You’re like professional and your photos have atmosphere and I must say that you have a feel for the chromophotography. Congratulation. Molodec. Otchenj khorosho. :-)

    My favourite ? Part 22 – Down in Venice.

    Plumber Monument – Cumil – in Bratislava is called Tchumil. Tchumil si very crazy adn funny name. ЧУмил :-)

    I wish you success.
    Jaro B.

  3. Helen Reilly says:

    Dear Alana Could you please contact me. I am researching images for use in a textbook called Oxford University Press and would like to use one of your images of a polar night in the Nordkapp. Could you please email me on helen@arnosdesign.co.uk thanks very much!!

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