Country of water. Oslo and Lysefjord. Part 1.

Part 1.Oslo and Lysefjord.

August 2010

Норвегия с самолета

Norway from the Boing board

памятник фигуристкае в осло, норвегия

Парк скульптур Вигеланда, норвегия
 Парк скульптур Вигеланда, норвегия
Vigeland Sculpture Park. The sculptures represent the cycle of life and existence, shown in different positions and with different occupations. Often poses of sculptures have philosophical implication.

скульптуры вигеланда на мосту, норвегия

The bridge connecting the main gate and fountain decorated with 58 sculptures that represents different temperaments.

скульптуры настроения, норвегия
 скульптуры на мосту парка вигеланда, норвегия

фонтан и постамент на возввышенности парка вигеланлда,осло, норвегия

странные скульптуры Вигеланда осло, норвегия
 необычные скульптуры Вигеланда осло, норвегия

лавочки парка Вигеланда в осло, норвегия

зелень парка в осло, норвегия

фонтан парка Вигеланда, норвегия

Originally, the fountain was bult to be in front of the Parliament,It was decorated with 60 bronz sculptures. Fountain with sculptures of children and skeletons in the branches of the giant trees, symbolizes that after the death should be a new life. Around the fountain is a mosaic of black and white granite of​1800 square meters. Vigeland worked on this monument almost 40 years.

фонтан необычного парка, норвегия

 цветы парка в осло, норвегия

 ступеньки к основной группе скульптур парка Вигеланда осло, норвегия

36 groups of people are on the hill and represent a “circle of life.”

вид на осло в возвышенности парка Вигеланда, норвегия

Фонтаны парка Вигеланда, норвегия
 Фонтаны парка Вигеланда, норвегия
The main idea of the park is the journey of man from the cradle to the grave.

«Сердитый малыш»(Sinnataggen) парк Вигеланда, Осло, норвегия
 еще не родившийся ребенок в позе эмбриона парк Вигеланда, Осло, норвегия
The most popular park statue – «Angry baby» (Sinnataggen).

набережная осло, норвегия

фонтан в парке перед королевским доворцом, норвегия

прикольная реклама, осло, норвегия

кладбище возле Ставкирка в Хеддале , норвегия
 кладбище возле Ставкирка в Хеддале, норвегия
Stavkirka in Heddale (Heddal stavkirke) – the largest of the remaining frame churches. Nutodden near the town.

Ставкирка в Хеддале (Heddal stavkirke), норвегия

Stavkirka was built in the early 13th century, according to legend, the builder was a mountain troll Finn. High-quality wood was used in the construction, so that even now, despite the constant updating, about a third of the church is from the original material.

старая деревянная церковь, норвегия

The style of this church was a culture of the Vikings. Church for over 900 years.

самая большая каркасная церковь, норвегия

деревынная история, норвегия
 старая церков, норвегия

долина с полями, норвегия

colored fields

обычная сельская церквушка с органом, норвегия

огромные озера зеленые поля, норвегия

живность, норвегия

свободное животноводство, норвегия

чистая вода озера, норвегия

дамба, норвегия

плато над Лусе-фьордом, норвегия
 плато над Лусе-фьордом, норвегия
Lakes above the Lysefjord

отражения гор, норвегия

Lucey fjord formed about 400 million years ago as a result of a tectonic fault, the displacement crustal plates during the Caledonian orogenic processes. Altitude vertical cliffs up to 1 km. Relief on the banks of the fjord is hard, unfit for life and there is not even a road along the fjord coast, so there are only two settlements – Lyusebotn (Lysebotn) and Forsann (Forsand).

плато над Лусе-фьордом, норвегия

Lysefjord – one of the wildest Norwegian fjords.

каменные изваяния, норвегия
 каменные статуи, норвегия
Lusefjord (Lysefjorden)from Norwegian means “Light Fjord.” The word “fjord” means “bay”.

озера на плато над Лусе-фьордом, норвегия

The lakes on the plateau above the LuseFjord. In Norway, there are approximately 450,000 lakes. Most of them were created by glacial erosion

дорога в поселок Люсеботн,Люсе-фьорд (Lysefjord), норвегия

Lysefjord, view of the town Lyusebotns from Øygardsstølen (which means “Eagle’s Nest”). Viewpoint and cafe is located at about 500 meters above the Lysefjord. This is where the route begins to Kjerag. Near the cafe there is parking, toilet and even showers.
Down to Lysebotn there is steep road (Lysebotn Road), consisting of 27 hairpin turns and the 27 one is inside 1.5 km long tunnel. This road is open only during the summer season. This is the only road to the village. In the summer between the Lysebotn and Lauvvik towns twice a day there is a tourist ferry, but you should take place in advance as a lot of peaple can be ther.

тоннель дорога в поселок Люсеботн,Люсе-фьорд (Lysefjord), норвегия

кемпинг дорога в поселок Люсеботн,Люсе-фьорд (Lysefjord),норвегия

Lysebotn. Citizens of the village consists of workers of two hydropower stations – Lyse and Tjodan. Both plants are located in the rock. These power plants produce electricity for more than 100,000 people.

дорога в поселок Люсеботн,Люсе-фьорд (Lysefjord), норвегия

The road to the Lysebotn village (Lysefjord).

Part 2.Kjerag, Preikestolen and Trolltunga.
Part 3.Trollstigen and Atlantic Road.

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