Part 1. On the way to Prague. Olesky castle.

June 2012

 туман над селом,Ukraine

Olesko village.

 Olesko village,Ukraine

Every usual bus tour starts from Lviv. We came to the city in the morning decided not to waste the time of a day and see suburbs) And despite the cold weather and rain of our goal was Olesky castle.

старая статуя,Ukraine

Spent about 40 minutes at the Lviv tram and one and a half hour on the bus we were about Olesky castle.

Олеський замк,Ukraine

At the time, the castle was of strategic importance. It is more than 600 years.

окно в каменной кладке,Ukraine

Castle is known because here was born the son of Danilovich, the future King of Poland Jan III Sobetsky when the castle became a royal residence.

старое окно и фонарь,Ukraine

According to the legend, he was born during the attack of the Tatars and severe thunderstorms, which splitted the table.

внутренний двор замка,Ukraine

In the 80’s it was a great earthquake, Hill splitted, but the castle survived.

старые двери,Ukraine

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