Part 1. Pieces of Europe.

June 2013

Pieces of Europe

Slovenian visa (Kiev):

Recently arrived from Spain we actively started getting next visa.Initially, most of the time was planned for the Czech Republic, so the first country where we planned to apply for a visa was Czech Republic. In May was possible to book visa application date to the Czech Republic only to June 25, our flight was June 22. The second option was Hungary as a country of first entry. But there we got a joyless date in early July. After reviewing the neighboring countries we viewed Slovakia, but there in the list of documents was an income statement from the tax service for private entrepreneurs, and we were not happy with that.

Our option was Slovenia. We were alertedwith the fact that you can not sign up for visa application date online, but the guard near the embassy assured us that in a queue all have time to apply for a visa. I’ve remaked a route to visit Slovenia and we applied for a visa. List of the documents for a Schengen visa was standard, term is one week. The only problem was that booking of a hotels was not enough, they asked for a payment proof. We were given 3 days to bring the payment documents. One of the hotels was overbooked and we asked to charge our card immediately, one sent us an invoice (for that we had to overpay 20euro) and for two more we provided e-mail conversations – that was enough.


Flights were comfortable enough by time and dates.
WizzAir Hungary: Kiev – Budapest.
WizzAir Hungary: Budapest – Kiev.
As usual, tickets were bought in advance and choosed the cheapest.


Route was formed from big cities and great desire to try different sorts of beer. Neccesity to prepay Slovenian hotels made some adjustments. Initially we wrer not planing to visit Slovenia , but were overwhelmed by this cute and beautiful country.


At aggregator Arguscarhire web site we have booked a car, Opel Astra class with automat. This company was chosen because of the very attractive price. Website is an aggregator and during the booking it is charging 50evro. Upon arrival we called the company and was promised to be within 15 minutes. They took us from the airporn only in an hour. But we’re not so upset with this hour as with the fact that they do not have the car we’ve booked.They generally did not have cars with automatic transmission. After spending an hour trying to communicate and get back our 50 euros we went back to the airport. After spending another 15 minutes at Hertz we took took wonderful Hundai i30. Paid 915 euros per rental for 9 days we drove almost 3000km.

Upon arrival home to the site aggregator was sent the complaint and all the necessary documents, but meaningless for them 50 euros was not returned. In an effort to explore the possibilities of the usual person through the bank was written complaint to the visa with all attached documents and correspondence. And it works! A couple of months we has on our card not just 50 euros, but 260 as compensation.

Have driven across several countries – most certainly stood out perfect German autobahns and on their background two Czech “Autobahn” like a washboard. Yes, they are trying to repair, but so far from the road only complicated by all sorts of detours.

будапешт, гертс, rentcar, конфеты, логотип


Since in this trip we were not alone – it was five of us, we had to abandon so cute for us variant of sleeping in the car, but anyway we had some advantages. In some places we booked not a hotel but an apartment.

Vienna (Austria). Hotel Geblergasse ***. Per room for five people we paid 114 euros. Hotel is neat and not too far from the center. Another important advantage for us was the availability of the hotel car park.

Maribor (Slovenia). We found the hotel not in the city,but 14km away from it. Renting a car has its advantages). It is a ski resort. Bellevue – Wellness & Ski Hotel ****. Here for 80 euros we had a great two-room suite.
Bellevue - Wellness & Ski Hotel, апартаменты,спальня ,Slovenia Bellevue - Wellness & Ski Hotel,гостинная апартаменты  ,Slovenia Bellevue - Wellness & Ski Hotel, гостинная апартаменты  ,Slovenia

Bled (Slovenia). Here we had a great two bedroom flat from Apartments Vila Cvetka Bled *** in a pretty cottage for 120 euros.

Munich (Germany). Huge tourist town and it has a bad effect on the quality and prices. Pension Lugano. 108 euros for 2 ugly rooms with shared facilities.

Czech backwoods. Pelikan Purkarec ****. Hotel real wilderness, neat enough, but of course it is not four stars hotel… 105evro for 2 rooms.


Many countries – elegant variety of dishes. Traditional Slovenia, fatty Germany and boozer Czech )

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молочный поросенок, Германия молочный поросенок, Германия вечтина с хреном,Чехия борщь в хлебе

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