Part 1. 6476km via France

Part 1. Fontainebleau and Loire castles.

April-May 2012

дворец фонтенбло,France

France – the most visited country by foreign tourists in the world. Paris – the most romantic city. Eiffel Tower – the world’s most visited tourist attraction. France’s third-largest country in Europe after Russia and Ukraine.
I have been to Paris . But if you’ve seen Paris this does not mean that you have seen France.

 облака над францией,France

The main part of France is located in Western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy , Spain and Andorra. Choise of coasts is also whide – Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay and the English Channel), the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Lions and the Ligurian Sea).

французкие поля сквозь облака,France
франция с самолета,France
Ironically but the longest land border between France and Brazil – is due to South American possession – French Guiana. It is equal to 673 kilometers, the border with Spain is 50 kilometers shorter.

Chailly-en-Bière пригород парижа,France

Chailly-en-Bière – nice suburb of Paris.

традиционная кафешка в пригороде,France

French was the international until the early 20th century. It was very popular in Russian empire, but even in the Ottoman Turks with foreign ambassadors spoke French. In 30 countries, French is still the government language. It is spoken by 270 million people.

покупки из супермаркета,France

98 euros of pleasure

красный тюлпан,France

French do not like to swear, they do not actually have mat in their language, there is only the word Mierde, which translates as “the devil.”

улица фонтенбло, карусель,France

Tthe highest wealth tax in Europe is in France.

дворец фонтенбло,France

Fontainebleau (excellent source of water) – Palace of the Renaissance. Here lived many rulers of France from Louis VII and ending with Napoleon III. Three of the monarch were born here – Philip IV the Fair, Henry III of Valois and Louis XIII.


Around the Palace is a pleasant park, followed by a huge forest. Fontainebleau – also one of the horse capital of France: it is racecourse and hosts major international events in all disciplines of equestrian sports.

, фонтенбло,France

White horse yard or a farewell yard. Ladder-horseshoe. The main facade was built in the 16th century. It was here where Napoleon said his famous farewell to his guard before heading to the island of Elba.

обычный француз с собачкой, фонтенбло,France
 прад около двора фонтана, фонтенбло,France
Fountain courtyard and pond.

Овальный двор , фонтенбло,France

Oval courtyard.



провинциальная дорога,France

цветет рапс,France

Yellow fields of flowering rape.

Замки долины Луары. Замок Шамбоор,France

Castles of the Loire. Shambord Castle (Château de Chambord) – built by Francis I, who wanted to be closer to his beloved lady – Countess Turi, who lived nearby. Castle with lots of rooms and with unreal number of fireplaces.

Blois (Blois) – beautiful old town on the Loire.

старый город блуа,France

The old town is on a hill, where streets are narrow and steep.
каменный мост в блуаи предместье вьена,France
Stone bridge over the river is on the 11 arches and has a length of 305 meters, it connects the city with the Vienne suburb.

Блуаский замок, Блуа,France

The highest place is a restored Bluasky Castle, the birthplace of Louis XII. Here also is an ancient, carved into the rock plumbing since Roman times, the length of 529 m (Loire water).

Река Луара, мост,France

Loire river.

Королевский замок Амбуаз,France

Royal Castle of Amboise (château d’Amboise)

Замок Шенонсо,дамский замок,France

Chenonceau Castle (Château de Chenonceau) – “Ladies Castle”.

Река Шер,Замок Шенонсо,France

River Cher.

Сад Дианы де Пуатье,Замок Шенонсо,France

Garden of Diane de Poitiers.

милый домик,Замок Шенонсо,France
цветы на фасаде,Замок Шенонсо,France
This lovely place was owned only by women. The most famous mistress – imperious and beautiful Diane de Poitiers and cruel queen Catherine de Medici. Here lived unhappy Mary Stuart, and the widow, Louise de Vonlemon how were not leaving the walls of the castle and take a white clothes – for which she received the name – “white lady”.

Сад Екатерины Медичи.,Замок Шенонсо,France

Garden of Catherine de Medici.

капелла замка,Замок Шенонсо,France
кухня замка,Замок Шенонсо,,France
Today Chenonceau is “castle of beautiful ladies”, and is the second most visited castle in France after Versailles.

Спальня пяти королев,Замок Шенонсо,France

Bedroom of five queens. The bedroom was named in memory of daughters of Catherine de Medici. Queen Margot, wife of Henry IV, and Elizabeth French, wife of Philip II of Spain. Daughter, Mary Stuart, the wife of Francis II, Elizabeth of Austria, wife of Charles IX, and Louise de Vaudemont, wife of Henry III. The walls decorated with tapestries XVI century. from Flanders, representing scenes: The Siege of Troy, abduction of Helen, the Games in the Roman Coliseum, Coronation of King David, etc. On the walls hang paintings, including “Honoring the wise kings” Rubens. The ceiling in the XVI., Fireplace executed in the Renaissance style – well, at least that says wikipedia)

очаровательный сад,Замок Шенонсо,France

хозяйственные постройки увитые плющем,Замок Шенонсо,France

Ферма 16 века,Замок Шенонсо,France

Farm of the 16th century.

милый домик в цветах,Замок Шенонсо,France

винодельня,Замок Шенонсо,France

мини домик из сказки,Замок Шенонсо,France

старый красивый домик,Замок Шенонсо,France

Огород с тюльпанами,Замок Шенонсо,France

Garden covers an area of ​more than one hectare, and consists of twelve square plots framed dwarf apple trees and rose bushes. Gardeners grow here more than a hundred species of flowers, which are formed bouquets to decorate the interiors of the castle, as well as over four hundred rose bushes. Here are cultivated variety of vegetables, there are more than 20 different species of tomatoes, also cultivate exotic flowers such as tuberose and agapanthus.

бордовый бутон тюльпана,Замок Шенонсо,France

красно желтый тюльпан,Замок Шенонсо,France
плантация тюльпанов разных цветов,Замок Шенонсо,France

красные тюльпаны,Замок Шенонсо,France
желтые тюльпаны,Замок Шенонсо,France

плантация тбюльппанов,Замок Шенонсо ,France

цветущие тюльпаны,Замок Шенонсо,France
розовые тюльпаны,Замок Шенонсо,France

Лабиринт,Замок Шенонсо,France

Labyrinth – is part of the park, renovated in accordance with the plan of Catherine de Medici and located adjacent to the palace area, and it is made of yew bushes.

Лабиринт,Замок Шенонсо,France

аллея к замку,Замок Шенонсо,France


Villandry was a stronghold in 1532g, but new master Jean Le Breton destroyed the fortress, leaving one tower, which he built and elegant Renaissance U-shaped castle. Castle, partially surrounded by a moat, was decorated with huge gardens, located in three different levels. In 1754, the castle was owned by the Marquis de Castellane, who reconstructed it in the spirit of the facades of his time and made a new pseudonatural gardens in a romantic taste of Rousseau. Magnificent terraces disappeared under artificial hills and valleys with the trails, winding between the hills and dense “beautifully arranged” forests.


In 1906, the grandfather of the present owner of the castle Spaniard Joachim Carvallo, a doctor and a big fan of art, decided to return to the castle and the gardens to their original appearance. And he restored Renaissance gardens from engravings by Jacques du Andrue Sers.

сады Вилландри,France

The gardens are located on three stepped levels. All terraces are connected by graceful bridges, ramps and stairs.

сады любви,сады Вилландри,France

”Gardens of Love.” Four large square decorated with bushes, in the form of figures – allegories of love. Northwestern array depicts a heart pierced by an arrow – a symbol of love, passion, while the north-east is the fan, horn, love notes – symbols of love, adultery, it is dominated by yellow flowers. In the south-west – love, tenderness to the hearts separated by the flames, and the masks worn on the balls, and the last, the south-east, the array is the tragic love with the blades of swords and red blood duels. At the southern end of the garden – three large array of diamond-shaped, with a cross of Languedoc Cross Maltese Cross and the Basque country.

ров ведущий к замку,сады Вилландри,France

Сад лекарственных растений (Аптекарский сад), ,сады Вилландри,France

Garden of medicinal plants (Apothecary Garden).

аллеи сада,сады Вилландри,,France

At the intersection of the alleys of the garden, organized around a central square symmetric 4 small areas, each of which has a fountain in the center and borders of 4 pavilions at the corners. Fountains, originally intended for irrigation.

поселок с замка юссе ,France
Views from the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Ussé). The castles of the Loire can be hired. Tere are 66 medieval castles and a hundred smaller estates on the banks of Loire.


Sleeping Beauty Castle is private.


Ussé Castle – Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is said that Charles Perrault, enchanted fairytale beauty of the castle Ussé, the current building which was built in the XV-XVI centuries, surrounded by greenery, was inspired to create his “Sleeping Beauty.”

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