Part 1. New Year holidays.

Part 1. Bremen Musicians town.

June 2012

Памятник свинопасу ,Bremen,Germany

Germany (Deutschland) is the sixteenth largest in the world in terms of population and sixty-second by territory. Capital – Berlin. Official language – German.

The trip was a little spontaneous, and in general winter is not a good time to explore the cities, but Christmas in Germany worthwhile event. In Germany, we were only in Dresden and about 100km in country while traveling via France.
Bremen – a city in northern Germany on the Weser River. City founded by Emperor Charlemagne in 787. Since the end of XIX century, the city has a large port Bremerhaven, the second largest in Germany. As other industrial cities Bremen was destroyed during the Second World War, one of the main bases of the German Navy stationed here.
Bremen, although not a big city has a university and research laboratories, here is the headquarters of Polar Research Center.

Памятник свинопасу ,Bremen,Germany

Swineherd monument. In the Middle Ages this street was used to chas herds of pigs to pasture, and when they returned, local confectioners, bakers and brewers threw out waste and garbage. Pig eats, and by that cleaned up the city from food waste. Street was called underpasses.

статуя Роланда,Bremen,Germany

Bremen Market Square is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Here is the City Hall, XV century building Shyutting (place of assembly Merchants Guild) and a few old houses. In the center is the statue of Roland – a symbol of the freedom of the city.

Рыночная площадь Бремена,Bremen,Germany

Старинный квартал Бремена,Bremen,Germany
Schnoor. Bremen’s old quarter, with narrow streets and tiny houses of ages 15-16, which are still inhabited. Here is the smallest hotel in the world Hochzeitshaus, it has only 2 rooms. Schnoor – area of fishermen and craftsmen, is now is a place of boutiques, old-style pubs, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

район шноор,Bremen,Germany

Long ago here was a portside area, and most of the inhabitants were somehow related to fishing; place name comes from the German “Schnoor”, meaning “rope” or “rope” – here they were made to the ship’s rigging. Subsequently neighborhoods changed their destiny, and the name has stuck, symbolizing the preservation of ancient traditions.

Boettcherstrasse или

Bremen has its own measure of weight “Bremen barrel”, which fits 920 herrings.
Boettcherstrasse or “street-barrel.” This street consists of seven houses. Each house has its own name. House of Robinson Crusoe and The Fountain, Seven sloths and House of Atlantis. House number six on this street is called the House of Ludwig Rozeliusa, there lived an inventor of decaffeinated coffee merchant Rozelius, who rebuilt Boettcherstrasse.

ратушная площадь,Bremen,Germany
памятник Бременским музыкантам ,Bremen,Germany
Monument Bremen Town Musicians of Brothers Grimm (Bremer Stadtmusikanten).


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