Part 1. 4 days of sun. Cretan evening.

July 2013

вечернее солнце на пляже с шизлонгами,Крит,Greece

During last trip to Europe Slovenes gave us multientry visas, though only for a month. We jast could not miss this chamse. ! Our choise was the Greece.

столики кафе на фоне солнца,Крит,Greece

Vikuska found a hotel exactly according to our wishes – Meropi Hotel & Apartments 4*.

пальма на фоне неба,Крит,Greece
столики кафе и зонтики на фоне неба,Greece
This vacation was unplanned and therefore it was only 4 days, but it was enough to enjoy the sun and warm sea.

красочный закат,Крит,Greece

As in May we drived through all Spain, with 5 more countries , and just three weeks before Greece returned from a trip to Europe we did not really want to run somewhere.

закат море и красивые облака,Крит,Greece

We just enjoyed a relaxing stay.

пустынные ряды шезлонгов,Крит,Greece

In Greece, the crisis now. Many of the hotels are closed.

отражение закатного солнца в море,Крит,Greece

But this has its own charm – the beaches spacious and quiet.

песчаные пляжи Малии,Крит,Greece

Our hotel was not far from the center of Malia.

шизлонги и соломенные зонтики на закате,Крит,Greece
закат на пляжн малии,Крит,Greece
As many wrote in a review, thre are excellent sandy beaches.

солнце садится  эгейское море,Крит,Greece

And thre is an awesome Sea – it is unreal warm and clear.

закат на пляже эгейского моря,Крит,Greece

The water was clean despite the sandy bottom on to the excitement.

волны теплого чистого эгейского моря,Крит,Greece

Perhaps not everyone like this, but I love to swim in rough seas.

 пляж и шезлонги на закате,Крит,Greece

Malia generally considered noisy and rave place particularly with British youth, but now it is relatively calm.

 неспокойное вечернее море,Крит,Greece

Here you can find and archaeological sites.

розовый закат на эгейском море,Крит,Greece

It is considered the capital of Minoan Malia state, according to legend, Zeus was born here, and his son Minos created Minoan state, Daedalus built palaces with a maze and Theseus killed the Minotaur.

волны на розовом фоне,Крит,Greece

Prior to the development of tourism business Malia was known for tasty potatoes.

закатное солнце малия,Крит,Greece

солнечная дорожка,Крит,Greece
закат и волны,Крит,Greece
Of course as before every trip I googled what to do in the area and despite the many historical and natural attractions I was attracted only by Balos bay – the confluence of the three seas.

песчаные плажи на закате,малия,Крит,Greece

It is far enough to go there from Malia.

красивый пляж эгейского моря,Крит,Greece

We did not want to shake a few hours on the bus each way, and the car did not fit to the desired amount of beer.

закат море и камни,Крит,Greece

A rental car can be taken even without a credit card – you will not leave far from the island.

солнце садится за гору,Крит,Greece

You can still take a motorcycle, scooter or quad bike, but it was no option for such distance.

димчатый диск солнца над эгейским морем,Крит,Greece

And there’s just beautiful)

красивый закат,Крит,Greece

большое красное солнце,Крит,Greece

пустынные спокойные пляжи,Крит,Greece

половинка солнца,Крит,Greece

умиротворяющий отдыдх,Крит,Greece


вечером на пляже,Крит,Greece
на пляже с пивом,Крит,Greece

шизлонги вечером,Крит,Greece

хмурое вечернее небо над пляжем,Крит,Greece
вечер в отпуске,Крит,Greece

подсветка отелей с пляжа,Крит,Greece

вечер пляж шижлонги,Крит,Greece

хороший одых для спокойствия,Крит,Greece

критское море,Крит,Greece

ночь на пляже,Крит,Greece

море после заката,Крит,Greece

Part 2. 4 days of sun. Spontaneous weekend in Greece.
Part 3. 4 days of sun. Our hotel Meropi Hotel & Apartments 4*.

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