7 days and 10 cities of Italy. Part 1.


November 2011

Мост Риальто. Venezia,Italy

Venice (Venezia) – the historical center of this extraordinary city is on 118 islands in the Venetian lagoon. These islands are cutеув цшер 150 channels and through which about 400 bridges were built. The most famous of these is the Rialto Bridge (Italian: Ponte di Rialto) or Bridge of Sighs which spans the Grand Canal. This is the oldest bridge in Venice. It was originally made ​of wood,and was destroyed during the rebellion. In 1444 the bridge collapsed and was rebuilt as a drawbridge, but still from wood. Adjustable side collapsed in the XVI century and the Doge Pasquale Chicon decided to build a more durable stone bridge. In the competition were number of a very famous architects – Michelangelo, Palladio and Sansovino, but Antonio de Ponte won it(Ponte in Italian – the bridge). Until 1854 it was the only bridge over the Grand Canal. The bridge is built in the form of a powerful arc length is 28 meters, the height of the bridge in the center is 7.5 meters. The bridge rests on 12,000 piles driven into the bottom of the lagoon. On the bridge are 24 stalls, divided in the center of the two arches.

гранд канал, Venezia,Italy.

In the mainland of Venice (Mestre) there are manufacturers of shipbuilding and ship repair, nonferrous metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electrical, light industry. The islands produce art glass (Murano and Burano), lace (Burano Island) and mosaics.

розоватый фонарь на мосту Venezia,Italy

Venice slowly sinking under water – the problem faced by the ancient settlers who were forced to rebuild the city twice, moving to higher islands. Throughout the XX century Venice quickly (up to 5 mm per year) was immersing into the water, as a result land sank to 23 cm. The main cause of this problem is the industrial extraction of water from artesian wells which led to a decrease in the aquifer postepennmu land and flooded the city, also disastrous effect is because of the pressure of buildings, people, etc. After the closure of wells subsidence slowed, but not stopped. According to some estimates, Venice could become uninhabitable as early as 2028.

гандольеры повсюду Venezia,Italy.
To save this unique city started the project, “Moses.” It suggests building watertight barrier around the city, but the effect may not be as good as expected, similar structures have been tried in the Netherlands, where the effect was not achieved, as well as the lack of sea water can lead to the extinction of many unique and rare species of living creatures that inhabit in the lagoon.

осень в каналах Venezia,Italy.
At the end of XX century was offered the project of underground, common with Mestre, which has not been realized due to the extremely high complexity and huge cost.

аккуратные мостики через канал Venezia,Italy

Located on an island, Venice connected to the Mestre by the dam with the railway line and the highway. Transportation is only up to Piazzale Roma in the outskirts of Venice. The entire island is a pedestrian zone. Communication is made only by water, and the only form of public transport are the Ship vaporetto.

обшарпанные дома в условиях высокой влажности Venezia,Italy

You can get a fine for buying a handbag or glasses on the street – it’s illegal.

Церковь Campo San Barnaba (Кампо Сан Барнаба) башня с тремя колоколами, Venezia,Italy
Campo dei Carmini - башня с фигурой на куполе.Venezia,Italy  
Campo San Barnaba and Campo dei Carmini

дом с камином Venezia,Italy.

The country of Venezuela is named in honor of Venice .

опустевшие осенние каналы Venezia,Italy

Here forbidden to swim in the canals.

Светофор на перекрестке каналов Venezia,Italy

In honor of Venice named an asteroid discovered in 1902.

колонка Venezia,Italy
колонка и колодец Venezia,Italy
In columns drinking water. But in the so-called well – Vera da Pozzo it is a rain water. Actually, it is not real well, and only underground tanks to collect rain water, which until the mid-nineteenth century was the major source of fresh drinking water in the city. Rain water fell into the well through the holes in the hatches, which had two or four, and was going in the hole, filled with sand, which served as a filter. Furthermore, the surface around the well, and the pit hid waterproof clay layer, protecting the tank against the penetration of salt water from the lagoon. Only in Venice, there are about 230 such wells.

магазин масок Venezia,Italy
Venice Carnival dates back from about the eleventh century. The original purpose of this carnival – to erase the line between rich and poor, because all participants of the carnival in masks.

 причудливые маски Venezia,Italy

Carnival in Venice is on St. Mark’s Square. Masks are quite different, but all masks are made so as not alloud to eat or drink. During the carnival held in theaters performances dedicated to the history of this holiday, the streets and squares are given concerts, costume play comedy, fireworks, and in the palaces are balls.

шикарная маска Venezia,Italy

Venice Carnival takes place in February, usually starts on Saturday, the day before Shrove Tuesday and lasts for 10 days.

посведневная жизнь в венеции Venezia,Italy

The word “ghetto” has gone from Venice. In the 16th century, Venice city authorities decided to expel the Jews to a single island on which the foundry with huge deposits of slag stockpiled as “working out” of metal and slag in Venetian language sounds like «gheto».

гондолы у гранд канала Venezia,Italy

Grand Canal. To prevent the destruction of buildings in the Grand Canal there are restrictions on speed: 7 km / h for private vessels and 11 km / h for the public. On a more narrow channels, the width of which can reach only 4-5 meters – 5 km / h, and in the lagoon – a maximum of 20 km / h

маленькие каналы Venezia,Italy
  зеркало для регилирования движения по каналам Venezia,Italy
Traditional gondola – boat length of 11 m and width of 1.42 m, the cost of which comes to 25 thousand euros. Nacelle weighs more than 350 kg, including 30-pound Ferro (iron figurehead), compensating weight of paddler.

под мостом на гондоле Venezia,Italy
гондола в маленьких канальчиках Venezia,Italy
Number of gondoliers in Venice invariably, it does not depend on whether the gondoliers go to retire, or come to the guild recruits. This restriction is due to a well-defined number of licenses for this type of activity – 425. The license can only be obtained from the father in families, but there are exceptions – for example, a license may give the winner of the race. The license is a serious future gondolier exams: Exam gondola management, foreign languages, knowledge of the history of the city. Gondolier must not only manage an awkward elongated boat, but to be a great storyteller, guide and support the romantic mood. Gondoliers have their own unique form of songs, called Barcarolle. Gondolier is not true, if he can not sing.

гондолы в гранд канале. Палаццо Лоредан. Venezia,Italy

Palazzo Loredana. In 2009, Venice had the first and currently the only female gondolier – Alexandra Hai.

гранд канал с воды Venezia,Italy

марские деликатессы Venezia,Italy

All gondolas must be black. Unknown historical background of this fact – whether in memory of the plague, whether because of the boats vuse time in the water and should be well prosmoleny.

Grand Canal Venezia,Italy

Grand Canal(Canal Grande) – in fact is not the channel – it is not an artificial structure, and the former channel between the islands of the lagoon which is one of the Rialto.
Channel runs through the city. Channel length is 3,800 meters, width – from 30 to 70 meters, depth – about 5 meters.
Embankments of the canal there is little, they are replaced by the facades of houses overlooking the canal. These houses are generally built on stilts, with have two entrances – on land and on water. Grand Canal – the concentration of the most beautiful buildings in the city. That’s why the Venetians call their main waterway – “Canal Palace” (Canalazzo).

на самом старом мосту в венеции Venezia,Italy

In Venice you can not feed the pigeons – it is not alloud.

 Собор Санта-Мария делла Салюте — Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute Venezia,Italy
отражение огней в канале Venezia,Italy
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute was built in honor of deliverance from the plague years 1630-1631. Plague took an estimated 100,000 lives, representing over a third of the city population. Basilica often referred to simply as La Salute, which means “Health”.

гавань Venezia,Italy

For over a thousand years, the head of state and leader of the Republic of Venice was a ruler whose title was called – the Doge. The name comes from the Latin title of dux, which means leader.

гондолы возле Сан Марко Venezia,Italy

Originally elected as a doji governors of the Byzantine Empire. When gaining independence Venice were attempts to establish a hereditary transfer of positions and thus transform the republic into a monarchy. In the future, the power of the Doge limited more and more and became nominal, while in 1797, Napoleon was not deselected the Doge.
Doge elected for the post, as a rule, the most distinguished representatives of the republic, from the noble Venetian family. In total there were 120 stories Venice Doges. Below is a list of the Doges of the Venetian Republic, ordered by their government.

Дворец дожей Venezia,Italy

Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) – monument of Italian Gothic architecture. This is the main building of Venice was primarily for Doge of the Republic. Sat in the palace and the Grand Council of the Senate, the Supreme Court has worked and manage their affairs secret police. The first floor were for offices of lawyers, office, service censors and navy.
Added top balcony served as a kind of festive venue for a Doge is the people themselves. Visitors of the city, which have approached the very palace of the Piazzetta, is thus, at the feet of the governor.

Собор Сан-Джорджо Маджоре  Venezia,Italy

Cathedral of San Giorgio Maggiore is located on the same name island. The church was built as a basilica, a dome. Inside are the tombs of the Doges of Venice, as well as the statue of St. George, Stephen. One of the most important paintings of the Renaissance, which can be seen inside the church is the “Last Supper.”

Колокольня Сан-Марко  Venezia,Italy

St. Mark’s bell tower is the tallest building in Venice. In 1902, the tower collapsed completely unpredictable, then the accuracy has been restored. It offers a magnificent view of the city and the island. Piazzetta San Marco – a small area between the palace of the Doges, and the bell tower, was held earlier this channel to the water gate of the cathedral of San Marco. Batteries channel existed in the 11th century: in the building of the cathedral can be seen walled door intended to enter from water. In 1156 the canal was filled battery.

Базилика Сан Марко Venezia,Italy

Basilica San Marco, is the unique combination of Byzantine, Western and Islamic architectural styles. The most precious relic is the remains of the basilica of St. Mark, the patron saint of the city, decorated with gold and precious stones.

Площадь Сан Марко Venezia,Italy

St. Mark’s Square – the center of Venice.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute Venezia,Italy

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute Venezia,Italy

огни вечерней венеции Venezia,Italy
 отражение огней в канале Venezia,Italy
Evening in Venice

уличный фонарь Venezia,Italy

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