Philippines. Part 2. Sagada. The most unusual cemeteries in the world.

April-May 2014

висячие гробы, сагада,philippines

Sagada – one of the outlying towns of Mountain Province in the Cordillera. There is one of the world’s most unusual cemetery – Hanging coffins.

, сагада,philippines

We spent for volcano Arayat much more time than we planned and missed the bus from Manila to Banaue. Richt there we changed our route and went to Sagada with changing bus in Baguio. Night with a change in Baguio was only the first iof a seria of night adventures)

терассы по дороге из Багио в Сагаду, сагада,philippines

Many reports were written about inconveniens of travalling through Baguio in comparisong with overnight bus from Manila to Banaue. But beautiful because of views. The road is generally good concrete road, but from placce to place it is not finished, in some places it washed away.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, сагада,philippines
реликвия, колесо, сагада,philippines
Like in many colonized countries, here are many churches. Religion was one of the top aides of the colonialists.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, сагада,philippines
St. Mary's Episcopal Church, сагада,philippines
Behind this church begins the path to one of the most interesting places in these mountains. After going through the cemetery path will turn to the left and begin to go rather steeply down. This gorge is called Echo Valley. Downstairs there is a fork in the road – turning to the right and you will be taken to the famous Hanging Coffins.

Hanging Coffins,самое необычное кладбище мира, сагада,philippines

These coffins are famous because instead of buring or pushing to the tomb, wooden coffins were hung up on a rock.

висячие гробы, сагада,philippines
гробы и стулья на скале, сагада,philippines
The oldest tomb wqas hanged here several hundred years.

необычные захоронения, сагада,philippines

The last burial was around 40 years ago.

висячие гробы, достопримечательность, сагада,philippines

Together with some coffins were pushed chairs to the rock, but it is not for visitors. This is for the soul) that could get out, sit on a chair and admire the surrounding valley.

огромный папоротник, сагада,philippines
древесный папоротник, сагада,philippines
The vegetation here is quite unusual.
пещера, сагада,philippines заросший грот, сагада,philippines
Returning to the fork you can continue the way and get to the grotto and cave.

свисающая трава и лианы, сагада,philippines

Sagada is located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level and here is much cooler than at the coast.

я на камне, сагада,philippines

Although there is cool enough, sun is still strong enough and you can easily burn, but the sky was overcast and rain was drizzling periodically.

огромные камни, сагада,philippines
известняковые глыбы, сагада,philippines
A lot of limestone caves here. Part of tourists comes here to visit caves.
домик над обрывом эхо велли, сагада,philippines
House on a cliff above the Echo Valley. In parallel with us the guide was leading a couple of tourists. At first he looked with askance at us, because we were without a guide, but we have overtaken them not to embarrass them. Several times they were overtaking us while we were making photos. Now the gide looked at us with respect because we were easily going on this kind of terrain in sneakers.

еще одна пещера, сагада,philippines

Another cave. In the cave there is a trickle. Without a difficulty you can walk quite far from the entrance, if you have a flashlight, of course.

рисовая лепешка, сагада,philippines

Very strange taste of rice cake.

Yogurt House, сагада,philippines

All reports praised Yogurt House. We just could go and not try. In addition it is started quite heavy rain.

Yogurt House, сагада,philippines

Place is really for tourists, but there is really delicious. It’s not quite like yogurt … hard to say what it looks like at all). The balcony of the second floor offering stunning views of the countryside.

Lumiang cave, сагада,philippines

Next point here was Lumiang cave.

деревянные гробы в пещере, сагада,philippines

Lumiang cave – is also kind of burial.

 Lumiang cave,гробы, сагада,philippines

In this cave people of Mountain Province dumped males.

 наваленые гробы, Lumiang cave,сагада,philippines
Lumiang cave,гроб на фоне входа в пещеру, сагада,philippines
For women, there were some other caves.

гробы закрытые на колышки,Lumiang cave,, сагада,philippines
старый гроб,Lumiang cave, сагада,philippines
Coffins are fitted with lid, which were held at the original pegs.

вход в пещеру лумианг, сагада,philippines

from their age and dampness many pegs fall or completely rot.

сложенные стопками гробы, сагада,philippines
гробы наваленые один на один, пещера лумианг, сагада,philippines
Many curious tourists strive to look inside, for such there is a plate with a request not to do so.

деревянны гроб, сагада,philippines

By tradition, the body fits to a coffin in a fetal position.

захоронения в пещере, сагада,philippines
необычные кладбища мира, сагада,philippines
But by the form of relatively new tombs, this tradition is not always respected.

вход в пещеру лумианг, сагада,philippines

Cave Lumiang connected to the cave Sumaging.

гроб под скалой, сагада,philippines

There is a 3,5 hour gided tour from one cave to another.

предупреждающая табличка, пещера Lumiang, сагада,philippines
Lumiang, сагада,philippines
The track runs at a depth of the cave about 165 meters.

Lumiang cave, сагада,philippines

There is a sign for tourists.

необычные кладбища мира, сагада,philippines

This is another place that has got into the list of the most unusual cemeteries in the world.

Огромный вход в пещеру, сагада,philippines

On the way back from the cave directly from the road you can see hanging coffins on the rock.

висячие гробы на скалах, сагада,philippines

Very popular dessert in this region is a mixture of sweets and fruits with ice. This sounds good, but in fact it is not edible.

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe – 19.54 $. For this price the hotel was exelent. Yes, there is shared bathroom, but everything is clean and tidy. In the morning we were fed with quite hearty and delicious breakfast.
But this night was not in vain. In the morning we woke up with a very strange filling – when the whole house slowly begins to trot. Small earthquakes are really comon here and for locals it is not surprize, but for us it was a new experience. Despite the fact that the strength was obviously little, in the morning on the road we’ve seen new boulders and fresh landslides.
Bus Dau Terminal- Baguio – 306p.
From Baguio to Sagada – 220p.

Isabelo's Inn and Cafe, сагада,philippines
Isabelo's Inn and Cafe, сагада,philippines

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