May at Baltic countries. Part 1.

Lithuania.Trakai, Vilnius and Kaunas.

May 2011

Тракайский замок.Самый старинный в Литве.Tracai caslte. The oldest in Lithuania

Trakai (Troki or Trotsky) Castle – the largest of the extant castles in Lithuania.

Кола и карта Минска. Cola and Minsk map.

Couple Hours in Minsk.

Озеро в Тракае.Lake in Trakai.Лодочка

Trakai. The city between three lakes, 28 kilometers to the west from Vilnius.

Озеро Тоторишкю.Totorishkyu lake.
Totorishkyu lake.

Лодочка в Тракае

Old Trakai in the Middle Ages was the capital of Lithuania.

Внутри Тракайского замка. Inside of Trakai castle

Greate place for wedding photos. Красивое место для свадебных Фотографий.

Мост к островному замку в Тракае. Bridge to iland castle.Trakai
Island Castle – the only one Eastern European castle, built on the island. It is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture. Location of the castle in the middle of a deep Galve lake and extensive fortifications made it​impregnable castle.

Boats for tours around Trakai castle. ЛОдочки для прогулок вокруг Тракайского замка.

Тракайский замок на озере Лука (Бернардину). Tracai castle on the lake Luke (Bernardino)

According to some versions the island is partly artificial, at the begining of the castle built there were three swampy island, which were combined into one, reinforcing the soil with stones.

Озеро Лука (Бернардину) и лодочки.  Lake Luke (Bernardino) and boats

Lake Luke (Bernardino)

Озеро Лука (Бернардину),Lake Luke (Bernardino)

Железная дорога в Вильнюсе. Vilnius railway station

Vilnius railway station

Вечерний Вильнюс.Vilnius in the evening
Vilnius in the evening

Железная дорога в Вильнюсе. Vilnius railway station

Железная дорога в Вильнюсе. Vilnius railway station

Вильнюс.Старый город.Old Vilnius

Old Vilnius.

Цветы в Вильнюсе.Flowers in Vilnius

Симпатичное заведение в центре Вильнюса.Interesting cafe in Vilnius center
  Симпатичное заведение в центре Вильнюса.Interesting cafe in Vilnius center
Interesting cafe in Vilnius center.

На Ратушной площади.Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square.

Памятник князю Гедимину.Duke Gediminas Monument

Duke Gediminas Monument.

Колокольня. Belfry.Vilnius.

Река Вилия (Нярис).River Neris

River Neris

Ворона с крепостной стены.Raven from the walls
  Ворона с крепостной стены.Raven from the walls
Raven from the walls

Вид с Замковой горы.View from the Castle Hill

View from the Castle Hill.

Вильнюс с замковой горы. Vilnius from castle hill
 на реке Вилия (Нярис).River Neris

графитти. grafitti

Первомайская демонстрация.May-Day demonstration

May-Day demonstration

Первомайский парад. May-Day parade

Оркестр на параде. orchestra on the parade

Флаги на демонстрации.Flags on demonstration

Памятник  в Вильнюсе

Виды Вильнюса.Vilnius views
  Vilnius city.Город Вильнюс.

Каунас весной.Лайсвес аллея.Kaunas in sprin.Laisves Alley
  fountain on Laisves Alley. Фонтан на Лайсвес аллее

Kaunas – the second largest and most important city of the country.The beginning of the city was a stone defensive fortress built in the XIII century, the first in Lithuania and the largest at that time. In 1920 – 1940 years, Kaunas was a temporary capital. At the same time Laisves Alley was built.

Памятник коту. Каунас.Cat monument. Kaunas
  Monuments in Kaunas.Памятники в Каунасе.
Pedestrian Street is 1.7 km long was done in the XIX century. Today Liberty avenue connects the old and new parts of the city.

Monument in Kaunas.Памятник в Каунасе

Будочки на Вильняус гатве.Booth at Vilniaus avenue

Booth at Vilniaus avenue

Красивая крыша старого дома. lovely roof of old building

источник воды в виде двух  бронзовых догов. source of water in the form of two bronze dogs
  оригинальная скульптура. jriginal.sculpture
The original source of water in the form of two bronze dogs

Part 2.Riga (Latvia). Parnu, Tallinn and Keila-Joa (Estonia).
Part 3.Helsinki (Finland). Narva and Tartu (Estonia).
Part 4.Rundāle castle and Sigulda (Latvia). Minsk (Belarus).

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