Part 1. Spain and 5 more countries.

Part 1. Route and trip description.

April 2013 – May 2013

May trip (Spain and 5 more)


We’ve got 4 flights.
WizzAir Ukraine: Kiev – Barcelona (Girona).
Rayanair: Barcelona (Girona) – Palma (Mallorca).
Rayanair: Palma (Majorca) – Milan (Bergamo).
WizzAir Ukraine: Milan (Bergamo) – Kiev.
As always we bought the cheapest tickets, respectively, and the dates were chosen on the basis of price.


Маршрут делился на 4 логические части: Материковая Испания, Португалия, Андорра; Майорка; Милан; Италия, Швейцария и Лихтенштейн. Милан нас особо не привлекал, но проведенный день в Милане экономил деньги на аренде машины – именно в этот день водителю исполнялось 25 и в дальнейшей поездке мы уже не платили налог за янг драйвера))). [/lang_ru]
The route was divided into four logical parts: the mainland Spain, Portugal, Andorra; Mallorca; Milan; Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Milan is not particularly attracted us, but was decided to spent a day in Milan to save money on hiring a car – in this day and the driver turns 25 so later trip we did not have to pay the tax for the Young Driver))).


Mainland Spain, Portugal, Andorra:
At was booked caf of economy class. This company was chosen because they had a very small tax for Yang driver. At the airport of Girona there is no representative of this company, but there is an agreement with . Great company with good stuf and new vehicals. After questions about the cost of the insurance we were offered a free car upgrade in case of bying full insurance. Trom the airport terminal we went with the keys of new Mercedes 220. Unfortunately, neither we nor the Mercedes were not ready for the snow in May in Spain … We got off with easy fright, the Mercedes with crumpled face. In the nearest representative of Atesa (There are many of them, and it is an undeniable plus) wretched Mercedes was exchanged for the same new Citroen C4. Copmany representative apologized for the fact that there is no same Mercedes avaliable for now. Spent 715 euros for the rental of 16 days, we drove about 6650km.
Spain. Expecting quite ill-mannered driving and non-compliance were pleasantly surprised by the relatively high culture on the roads. Almost everywhere were driving through free roads having to pay only for the passage through the tunnel because of unwillingness to zigzag on streamers. As it is turned out the country is very hilly and there is almoust no straight roads. Free Spanish roads are very good and it’s not the road that winds through the villages with the roundabout at every 800 meters, it is quite decent highways. For the use of toll roads it is possible to pay cache and cards. After passing through Spain 5544km 23.6euro spent for toll roads. Free parking is hard to find only in big cities. For the parking in Spain spent 8.8 euros.
Portugal. Most decent roads are not free. When entering the country must bind the data to the card number of the car and then the fare on some roads will be charged automatically. We still had not been wrote it off. On other roads it is necessary to pay on the spot. After passing through Portugal 1108 km on the road and spent 41.4euro, for the parking 1.2evro.
Andorra. Entered Andorra by tunnel, managed to find a free parking … Well from the country where with the certain direction of the wind the entire capital stinks of manure remains chaotic experience – next time there only in the mountains.

 белый мерседес,Spain 
  Citroen C4 ,Spain

Spain, Potugal and Andorra

Through the same Centauro for Mallorca Ford Fiesta was booked. Here machine turned battered. The passenger door was closed only with a good cotton and with only 3-4 times. The salon was all sort of skinned, handle above the passenger seat was ripped out with the meat. For the day, we paid 86evro, drove 348km.
The roads are good only between the major towns and Palma – everything else is very narrow one lane road where crossing with oncoming becomes very problem. In the western part of the island there are streamers. Free parking in towns is difficult to find. For the tunnel between Soller and Palma paid 27 euros, and we were lucky with parking. Driving there mainly tourists, often being lost and not understanding where to go.


This little piece of the trip was without a car. On the bus for 5 euros we drove from the airport to the city and the next morning did the same way back.

Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein:
For the remaining 4 days of vacation at the airport of Bergamo we’v take Fiat 500L in . It is a proven company with which we have already encountered in France and were quite pleased. Paid 196 euros for 4 days, drove 1335km.
Italy. In Italy, many toll highways, but it’s worth it. Driving culture is very low and go to Italy is not at all that in civilized countries, so we quickly left to Switzerland.
Switzerland. Although the roads in this mountainous country is extremely difficult to build and pitted mountain tunnels as cheese, all roads and tunnels they are free. The roads are extremely good, the drivers are extremely educated and generally a pleasure to drive there. For parking paid 2.7 euro.

fiat f500 ,Spain



Having the experience of sleeping in the car decided to search all hotels in Spain during the trip, but not one were booked. 2 nights spent with relatives, may be would not manage to avoid booking hotels with out staying at their home.
Majorca. 3 days in Mallorca only 1 day was with car and for other 2 we’ve booked a room at Sol Wave House **** close to Palma in the town of Magaluf. We had a Junior Suite. Photos in Booking fully compliance the reality. In hotel 2 swimming pools and 2 swimming pools with artificial waves. A very unusual thing. From the hotel to the Palms, you can easily get by buses that run frequently. The room cost 66euro per day.

Sol Wave House Junior Suite,Spain Sol Wave House Junior Suite,Spain fiSol Wave House  Junior Suite,Spain Sol Wave House вид из номера Junior Suite ,Spain бассейн с искуственными волнами,Sol Wave House  ,Spain

Milan. One night in Milan at Hotel San Tomaso * costs 50euro. Only advantage of the hotel was its location – it was relatively close to the train station. Photos of Booking do not correspond with the reality, the room was full of smoke, the bed was kind of stale (good that our sleeping bags are always with us). Above the bed once housed socket, now it is ripped the cape and did not stick out the wiring taped … It is unfortunate that the hands do not come to photograph it all.


Mainly will pay attention to Spain kitchen. It’s pretty tasty. If before I did not eat olives, but now I love them. It is necessary to taste all unfamiliar dishes in the cafes, and of course sangria))). Products in Spain are cheap enough – I would say even cheaper than in Ukraine. Having spent 6 euros in a supermarket – great snack on the beach – baguette with meat, yogurt, strawberries and sweets).

завтрак на пляже за 6 евро ,Spain испанские мандарины ,Spain оливки ,Spain Паэлья ,Spain дыня с хамоном ,Spain десерт ,Spain десерт ,Spain осьминог ,Spain мидии с салатом ,Spain еда в забегаловке ,Spain слоеный пирог ,Spain сладкий пирог ,Spain печеная картошка ,Spain

Separately want to point out restaurant Wok – many of them in different cities, not only in Spain. Principle of operation – a buffet. Price rise from breakfast to dinner. Drinks are not included in the price. Here you can find a variety of fresh seafood that you are typing and then it is cooked for you. There are also ready-made meals, meat and salads, and more, but the seafood caught me most.

криветки ,Spain
 лангустины ,Spain криветки с салатом,Spain криветки ,Spain

In many popular places you can find tables. In several places we perfectly cooked meals on a gas burner.

столик возле буфонов ,Spain 
консервированые шпажки с оливками и луком ,Spain  оливки с макаронами ,Spain  клубника со сливками с видом на море ,Spain  столик у моря ,Spain

And of course the Spanish treasure. Palma Mallorca.

оливки ,Spain оливки ,Spain оливки ,Spain

оливки ,Spain
 оливки ,Spain оливки ,Spain
оливки ,Spain fiat f500 ,Spain оливки ,Spain

Part 2. Peratallada. Streets of the old town.
Part 3. Tossa de Mar resort.
Part 4.Barcelona.
Part 5. Spain out of the car window.
Part 6. Siurana – scenic village on the rocks.
Part 7. May in Spain or how to crash a new Mercedes.
Part 8. The Spanish cities on the cliffs – Alcala del Jucar and Cuenca.
Part 9. Segovia – one of the oldest cities in Spain.
Part 10. Rainy gardens of Granada.
Part 11. Southern Spain – Nerja and Frigiliana.
Part 12. Parque Natural Ardales and Camino del Rey.
Part 13. Rocks in Spanish towns.
Part 14. Cadiz – the city on the edge of the world.
Part 15. Elegant Sevilla.
Part 16. Doñana National Park (Parque Nacional y Natural de Doñana).
Part 17. Red River Rio Tinto.
Part 18. Steep coast of Portugal.
Part 19. Lisbon, the Devil’s Mouth and the night lights of Sintra.
Part 20. Portuguese Venice Aveiro and ancient northern capital Porto.
Part 21. Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte and mountin village Soajo.
Part 22. Atlantic Islands National Park (Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlanticas) or the Island of the Gods.
Part 23. Spanish Galicia.
Part 24. The strength of the natural stoichiometry.
Part 25. Spain Northern Beaches.
Part 26. Turbidites of the coast of Barrika and Gaztelugatxe island.
Part 27. Towns of northern Spain and destroyed Belchite.
Part 28. Cadaqués – the town of fishermen, artists and poets.
Part 29. City on a cliff Castellfullit de la Roca and Rupit – foggy town of witches.
Part 30. Strange country Andorra.
Part 31. Mallorca – Burguete, Formentor and Soller.
Part 32. Palma de Mallorca and Magaluf.
Part 33. Piece of rainy Italy, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Part 34. Rainy chic Switzerland.
Part 35. Aar River Valley and Lake Brienz.
Part 36. Alpine resort villages.
Part 37. Sunny morning between the lakes and the Jungfrau massif.
Part 38. Castles on Thunersee. Spiez and Oberhofen.
Part 39. Bern and way home.

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