USA – From coast to coast

Part 1.Los-Angeles and West Coast

June-August 2009


West Coast – cold water and serfing

In Los Angeles, about 320 sunny days per year. Raind in winter and spring, but in general there are not many
precipitation just barely enough to be classified the climate is subtropical dry and not semi-desert. From May to October is very hot and the temperature can often be much higher than 30C. Rest of the time is quite warm, with precipitation, but sometimes the temperature can be below zero, but not for a long time. Feature of the climate of Los Angeles is a significant difference of temperature (up to 10C) between the coast and areas remote from the ocean.


Malibu was a part of the territory of the American Indians tribe, the Chumash. The Indians called the place Humaliwo, «the surf sounds loudly.” From the word, town waqs called. In Malibu was not a single paved road until 1929, when the state government won the lawsuit, and built the Pacific Highway.

Аллея звезд.Голливудский бульвар.Лос-Анджелес.США.

Hollywood Boulevard – a very famous street located in Hollywood in Los Angeles.Los Angeles – commonly known as the “City of Angels”, often abbreviated as LA. Los Angeles – 2nd city in the US by number of residents after New York. In the city there is no historical city center – Los Angeles is composed of individual regions with its history and sights.

Голливудская 'Аллея славы'

Hollywood “Walk of Fame”. More than 2,400 five-pointed Stars brass set into a 6-foot (1.8 m) terratsovye the pavement. Surprising variety of celebrities there,musicians and producers, directors of music and theatrical groups, fictional and real characters, and many others for their contributions to the entertainment industry and the arts. “Walk of Fame” The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce manages and finances the Hollywood Historic Trust.

Голливудская 'Аллея славы'

Each monument consists of a 5-pointed star, coral-pink terrazzo, with a rim of brass (not bronze, it’s quite a common mistake), embedded in the terrazzo floor. In the upper part of the star, is the name of the winner, made of copper, block letters. Under the name at the bottom of the stars, is a round copper logo that indicates the category of the contribution of the winner.
Emblem represent the five categories of the entertainment industry:
– A classic film camera for contributions to the film industry.
– Old TV for contributions to television.
– Phonograph for contributions to the recording industry and music.
– Radio microphone contributions to the development of the industry radio.
– Masks Comedy / Tragedy for contributions to the theater (there c 1984).
At the moment about 47% of the stars are in the category of the film industry, 24% in the category of television, 17% – of the recording, 10% – of the radio, and less than 2% – the development of theater. On average, about twenty to thirty stars appear on the Walk each year.
Nineteen “special categories” of Stars presented by other contributions, such as corporate facilities and service organizations, the special winners completely different logo. For example, the emblem of Stars “the Los Angeles Police Department” – a replica of the icon LAPD. Star emblem former politician Tom Bradley shows printing Los Angeles, and Los Angeles-based star boutique “Victoria’s Secret” depicts the corporate logo of the winner.

Китайский театр Граумана

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – theater for 1162 seats, located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The building was constructed in 1927 by impresario Sid Grauman. In the cinema, traditionally held the premiere of many Hollywood movies. In September 2007, the company acquired the cinema «CIM Group» – the largest owner of commercial real estate in Hollywood.

отпечатки рук или ног многих кинозвезд

On the ground in front of the cinema is a famous Hollywood “Walk of Fame”, which are stored in the cement handprints and feet of many movie stars, selected, as opposed to the Avenue of Stars, by the owners of the theater. First left her imprints there star Norma Tolmadzh accidentally stepped on the wet cement outside the theater.

у Китайского театра Граумана есть отпечатки рук и ног

On the sidewalk at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is hand prints and foot of Charlie Chaplin, Jack Nicholson, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Al Pacino, since July 2007, the cast of Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. In addition, there are paw prints of the legendary German Shepherd-actor Rin Tin Tin. In November 2011, the actors left their imprints Twilight Saga: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, as well as American actor Mickey Rourke. January 26, 2012 on the Walk of Fame in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre there’s footprints and hand Michael Jackson, left them late singer’s children, using his shoes and famous glove with silver sequins. Near the children left imprints of their own hands. Also in 2012, Christopher Nolan was honored to leave imprints of their hands and feet. Nolan was one of the young filmmakers, “Heritage” by the legendary theater, and only the eighth director, who had been granted the opportunity

у Китайского театра Граумана есть отпечатки рук и ног

By the way, in order to perpetuate the name on the Walk of Fame it is necessary to pay 11,000 dollars to cover the cost of the opening ceremony. It’s always enchanting holiday with a lot of guest stars in show business.

знак 'Hollywood'

Sign “Hollywood”. It is located on the southern slope of Mount Lee, a part of the mountain range of Santa Monica and is visible from many points of the eponymous boulevard Hollywood Blvd. Label length of 9 characters is 110 meters, height – 14 meters. Initially, the inscription “HOLLYWOODLAND” was erected in 1923 to draw attention to the new residential areas located in the area. However, the temporary advertising design was so successful that it has already decided to leave, and she soon became associated with the film industry. In 1949, the last four letters were removed and the sign has a modern look.

In this city, real life begins only at night!

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara – is a small resort. Cute and charming town, which, like all the towns of California, looks very presentable and respectable. But if solidity Beverly Hills a few ambitious, with a bit of an ambitious luxury, Santa Barbara, retaining reliability and luxury, is more relaxed, lighter and more windy.

Morro Bay Rock

Morro Bay Rock.

Холодный Тихий океан

Cold Pasific ocean.The beaches stretch for thousands of miles along the west coast of America.

пляж тихий океан

Nice place



Калифорнийский морской лев

Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Vista Poin

Калифорнийский морской лев

Калифорнийский морской лев


Raccoon with soft paws

кемпинг на тихоокеанском побережье

Night at pasific coast

лучи в соснах

океанское побережье

Природоохранная парковая зона Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Водопад McWay Falls.

McWay Falls

тихоокеанское шоссе

живописные обочины

на дороге номер 1

засушливая Калифорния

 летние цветы океанского побережья

Трасса №1

Route №1

один из множества вью поинтов

Big-Sur (“Большой сюр”, или “Большой сюрреализм”),

Route №1

Большой сюр

Большой сюрреализм

тахоокеанские цветы

Наша первая заправка

Our first gas station

американские пробки

закатное солнце калифорнии

 прощанье с калифорнийским солнцем

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