Part 1. Qatar.

April 2017 – May 2017

 набережная, огни, отражения,Doha ,Qatar

Qatar was not planned from the beginning, it was due to a 10-hour layover in the capital of Qatar, Doha.

road,autobahn,car trip,layover,Doha ,Qatar

A transit visa can be easily obtained online at least one week before the trip, on condition that layover is more than 8 and less than 24 hours. The visa is free.

constructions,road works,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Traveled there with Kia Rio, taken in Europcar for 136 QR.

praying room, mosque,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Qatar is a big construction place. Roads are under construction, houses are under construction, everywhere garbage and unreal traffic jams.

supermarket,fruits,layover,Doha ,Qatar

In a small supermarket in the suburbs of Doha was impressed by a huge selection of mangoes)

supermarket,vegetables,layover,Doha ,Qatar

In fact, the whole country is a suburb of Doha) Only places to visit are Doha and the desert, nothing special, and as most of the time we were in the dark desert also was not our choice.

night beach for local people, night lights,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Beach near Doha. Family idyll. Big families in darkness was grilling meat, playing with children and enjoying the evening coolness.

night, perl qatar, lights,layover,Doha ,Qatar
night, perl qatar, lights,layover,Doha ,Qatar
On the beach, the country seemd to be very European – almost all women in ordinary clothes.

новые многоэтажки, perl qatar,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Arriving in the expensive district of the capital on the artificial isles, it became clear that the first impression was not correct. All those people are serving persona and not citizens of this small country.

вечерний город, perl qatar,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Among the new illuminated buildings young people in white coats and young women in hijabs were walking around and seeting an cafes – they are real Qatari.

набережная,небоскребы, вечерний город,layover,Doha ,Qatar

This view is the only significant tourist attraction of Qatar.

Qatar Islamic Bank,ночной город,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Qatar Islamic Bank

ночной город,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Instead of sitting for 10 hours in the airport, it’s definitely interesting to walk around the country, but I now it does not make sense to come here as a separate trip.

Museum of Islamic Art,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art. But judging by the activity of construction very soon it will become similar to the United Arab Emirates.

дорожный знак, знак с халатом, ночной город,layover,Doha ,Qatar

Just collect interesting traffic signs)

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